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80% Wool 10% Poly 7% Nylon 3% Acrylic – Japanese Wool ‘Weekender’ - Last Piece - 1.9m - 30% Off


Last Piece - 1.9m
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This is one of the Four Japanese Wool Blends from the Cloth Edit 2021 Autumn/Winter Collection.  This is an ivory and wheat colour mid-heavy weight coating, with chevron stripes.  It has a little texture but it isn’t ‘scratchy’.  It has a very interesting weave that doesn’t fray easily, and will be your go-to weekend jacket or coat.  It has a casual elegance, and would be great in many iterations of outerwear.  If you would like to line your ‘Weekender’ coat, jacket or coatigan, our ‘All the Fish’ cotton was hand selected to work with this wool.  The cotton is wonderful for a blouse or shirt, but absolutely gorgeous as a soft lining with good ‘slip’.  This is a designer – dead stock fabric, so once it is gone, it is gone.  It is very unique and is a natural/neutral classic.   


For your cloth edit, don’t just think of long, mid-winter coats.  This would be also fantastic in a cropped, hip or thigh length coat/coatigan also.  It would also be great, as an oversized blazer.  While it is a bit thick to make a fitted jacket, a slightly looser fit blazer would give your opportunity for some patient tailoring, and it would press into shape beautifully.


Here are some indie sewing pattern suggestions:

  • Friday Pattern Company – Heather Blazer (oversized)
  • I AM Patterns – Merlin Coat (coming June 3)
  • Closet Core Patterns – Sienna Maker
  • Folkwear Patterns – Hapi and Haori (the Hapi)
  • In The Folds – Flynn Jacket
  • Nina Lee - Richmond
  • Papercut Patterns – Stacker, Sapporo (Nova Coat/Jacket), Juno (Wool isn’t listed as a rec. fabric, but I think it would be lovely)
  • Pattern Fantastique – Falda
  • Pauline Alice Patterns – Ayora Jacket (wool isn’t on the list of rec. fabric but I think this is such a simple shape, it would work well. Line with cotton).


Type of Cloth

 Woven with subsequent twill stitching, slight felt finish

Fibre Content

 80% Wool 10% Poly 7% Nylon 3% Acrylic



Weight / GSM

 Approx. 450gsm 


Ivory and Wheat



Stretch/Cross Grain



 Quite Soft; has some ‘spring’






 Full folds away from the body.


Cloth Care:

Wool cannot be washed in a machine.  Dry Clean only.  Spot test for iron temp, and use the cool/warm/wool iron setting.  Steam when pressing.  It is advisable to use a pressing cloth, and buffer your dart pressing with scraps of the cloth so the dart lines don’t show on the right side.   Keep garments clean by brushing off surface dust and dirt.  Do not spot clean.


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80% Wool 10% Poly 7% Nylon 3% Acrylic – Japanese Wool ‘Weekender’ - Last Piece - 1.9m - 30% Off

80% Wool 10% Poly 7% Nylon 3% Acrylic – Japanese Wool ‘Weekender’ - Last Piece - 1.9m - 30% Off

Last Piece - 1.9m