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Hokkoh Japanese Cotton Seersucker - Rambling - Blue and Buttercup


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Hokkoh Seersucker fabric is 112cm wide
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Hokkoh Japanese Cotton Seersucker - Rambling - Blue and Buttercup

  • 112cm wide
  • 90 gsm approx.
  • Made in Japan
  • 100% Cotton
  • Non Directional 


Seersucker was first invented in India, originally using a combination of silk and cotton warp threads.  As a renowned Italian cloth maker noted: “When washed, the cotton shrank while the silk remained as before, thus creating the characteristic wrinkles”.  The term ‘Seersucker’ was later coined to refer to the effect, and it was taken from Persian words “shîr” (=milk) and “shaker” (=sugar), referring to a contrast of smooth and grainy textures.  Today cotton seersucker creates the rumpled linear effect by using a combination of loose and tight weaves. 

Seersucker is perfect any time of year, but it is a wonderful cloth for summer as the texture keeps the cloth away from the skin, and this increases breathability.  Another huge bonus is that it’s resistant to creasing. 

This Hokkoh cloth is the softest and finest cotton seersucker I’ve come across.  The alternate ‘lines’ are narrow, and the profile is low, making this perfect for a range of garments.  The ‘Rambling' print is a tangle of smaller scale, hand drawn and painted flowers, buds and stems on a plain background.  The contrasting colours used for the outline effect of the floral design add interest and depth. 

There are 4 colourways: Green and White, Blue and Buttercup, Wheat and Navy, Cornflower and Toffee.    

This soft seersucker is perfect for tops, tunics and dresses.   It doesn't have the drape of a fine lawn, so there will be a bit more body to sleeves and skirts, for example.  

We stock so many beautiful sewing patterns that would be a perfect match with this fabric. Here are some Indie Pattern suggestions:

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  • Size Me - Serene Dress, Serene Jumpsuit, Serene Shirt, Vienne Dress.
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  • Atelier Brunette - La Jupe, Le Pyjama, La Chemisette, La Robe Chemise, La Robe Butterfly, La Blouse
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  • Sewing and the City - Mercer, Essex
  • Merchant and Mills - Edie, Ellis and Hattie, Ellsworth, Factory, Florence, Shepherd, Winnie
  • Now and Then - Beach Pyjamas, Tilbury, All Seasons, Hepburn, Revere, Amelie
  • Atelier Jupe - Lynn, Zoey, Liv, Sienna, Frida, Tilda, Olivia, Emily, Chloe, Pippa, Lottie/Kate, Solange, Savannah, Lea, Alana, Este.
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    Cloth Care:

    While cotton can generally be machine washed and tumble dried without any problem, but like any fabric it can look tired if not looked after.  Wash colours separately.   The finished garment will last longer and look better if it is shaken out when wet, and placed on a hanger to dry.  Tumble drying will shorten the life of the garment.  Do Not Tumble Dry.  To prevent fading, wash inside out and dry in the shade.   Cotton needs a warm to hot iron.  Conduct a spot test.  Cotton is dry cleanable. 


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    Hokkoh Japanese Cotton Seersucker - Rambling - Blue and Buttercup

    Hokkoh Japanese Cotton Seersucker - Rambling - Blue and Buttercup

    Eg. For 2.5m Enter the Quantity '5' below