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Team a beautiful linen with the Mila jumpsuit. We have the beautiful Burleigh black to replicate this look, or you could try something lighter.


Sold per half metre (eg. 2.5m = '5')

This is one of our Italian Garden Collection prints. We love versatile cloth here, and this is another of those fabrics that would befit a special event, just as easily as it would a garden or pool party. This light weight printed linen has beautiful drape, although it is a little crisp until it is laundered. It is shear, but wouldn’t necessarily be a concern for tops. Skin toned or black upper undergarments, and a slim lawn slip would do the trick. This is something very special, and it will be hard to decide what to make. We also have the same print in white cotton (Amalfi White Cotton).

Modal | Spandex

Designer End fabric perfect for the Named Patterns Kielo Dress and Jumpsuit, or your tried and true T Shirt pattern.

Videos of most Modals available in the product pages. See them in motion.

Hand Sewing Needles

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Machine Needles

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Cloth Edit curates seasonal collections of beautiful cloth, with an eye to quality, sustainability, and 'something different'. Our focus is natural fibre cloth such as linen, cotton, viscose, modal, hemp and silk. We source our cloth from Australian suppliers, and acquire unused cloth from local designers who manufacture in Australia. This high-end, designer fabric is usually made bespoke for the label, and is excellent quality.

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Cloth Edit is a curated collection of natural fibre fabrics, indie sewing patterns, and quality haberdashery items

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