Friday Pattern Co. Davenport Dress in ‘Positano’ 100% Linen

The Fabric

‘Positano’ was launched this time last year on a Linen Silk base, and since then there has been another colourway (in Linen Silk).  As a last hurrah💃, the ‘22 | ’23 Spring Summer Collection includes the original version on a gorgeous quality 100% linen.  The dimensions of the design have been reduced a little.  Instead of 'patches' of 16cm x 22cm (the original Linen Silk version), the NEW dimensions of the 'patches' are 13cm x 18cm. 



The Pattern

I have been wanting to make the Friday Pattern Co. ‘Davenport’ Dress for a long time, and often scroll through the Instagram hashtag😁.  I loved the creative opportunities that the small pattern pieces presented, and it seemed to be the perfect project for ‘Positano’.   As you will see in the images below, I showcased certain ‘patches’ in the flutter sleeves and the front and back yokes.  I also took into consideration how these would look next to other ‘patches’.  It was so much fun. 







‘Positano’ is a lighter weight linen.  It’s about 185gsm, is just under 140cm wide, and is a gorgeous quality soft and drapey cloth.  It might appear a little transparent, but if you have any fullness in a garment, you just don’t notice it.  I didn’t line my Davenport and it’s perfect.  The long, full(ish) sleeves, the fluttery upper sleeves and the tiered skirt work beautifully in this cloth. 



Neckline, Sleeves and Tiers

The elastic in the front neckline is one of my favourite features.  Don’t be tempted to cut your elastic too short😉.  I followed the guide for my size, and when trying the bodice on for fit (before the skirt was attached) I thought it was going to be too loose.  I decided to hold off any unpicking until I attached the skirt, and voila:  the weight of the skirt pulls down the bodice and neckline a touch, giving the neckline a lovely shape. 


I added about 5cm onto the sleeve length to make them a bit longer.  Although I like to pull my sleeves up anyway, I like the extra volume🤩.  The only other variation to the pattern was to add on another tier💃.  I went rogue on the dimensions.  Both tiers (before attaching and hemming) were 30cm wide, but the bottom tier has approx. 60cm more length incorporated into it. 


Will I make another?  Absolutely!  This is another new favourite, and I want to make it another statement print (like ‘Bountiful’) and perhaps a classic check (from the Checkmate collection).  I have far too many ideas😆. 

If you have been on the fence about the Davenport, I would really recommend you give it a go.  It was a joy to make, and it’s a dream to wear.

Gabrielle x 

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