I AM Patterns' Octarine in 'Mesmerising' Linen

The #sewwrapped Instagram Challenge (Oct. 29th – Nov. 27th)

Kristen @dahlia_sewciety and yours truly from @cloth_edit are hosting another sewing challenge.  See my Instagram feed for all the details.  The Prizes are incredible!  We are wrapped up in all the excitement.  I have sewn several wraps already this year, so it was lovely to return to the I AM Patterns’ Octarine.


I’ve made the Octarine before in ‘Impressions - Lakeside’ Linen Silk (now sold out).  It was my Christmas dress last year, and remains one of my favourites.  The Linen Silk was a border/panel print, so I played around with the panels, cutting the right bodice with the bolder border up the top, and then also placed that right sleeve on a more vibrant part of the print. I did the reverse with the back and left side. The belt was made with about 6 scraps sewn together, but the effect is wonderful. All in all I used 4 panels.


If you want to play with border prints, have a look at the others in the shop (under Linen Silk).  There is a glorious golden colourway, ‘Golden Hour’, but 'Carmen' and the 'Bonjour Spring' prints (in 'Multi' and 'Pink' colourways) are also superb.  The Japanese Cotton ‘Wonderland’ has the same possibilities for creative play.


 'Mesmerising' Octarine 

‘Mesmerising’ is a one-of-a-kind print that I secured as soon as I spotted it. It is an abstract mid navy, darkest navy and burnt orange floral design. It’s bold, sophisticated, and really stunning. I love the fact it combines two blues (the darkest is nearly black), and the print looks great with so many different shoes, from orange like mine (see below), to gold, black, navy, or even white sneakers.


I was all set to make an Atelier Jupe ‘Savannah’ this week, but after having a closer look at the pattern, my pre-washed ‘Mesmerising’ was just going to have too much body for those gathers on the bodice. My Savannah will be made another day, but it was Octarine to the rescue. There are only 4 pattern pieces: the back, the front, the sleeve, and the belt.  I used satin bias for around the neckline and to finish the edges.  It comes together so quickly which is very satisfying.  




For this version I extended the length to make it maxi, and added a couple of inches to the sleeves for good measure.  Looking back at the sleeves of my earlier version, I think I eased them in far too well, and the shoulder ‘puff’ is almost non-existent.  The most pleasing aspect of this 100% Linen version is that the sleeves are a bit perkier.  The sleeve pattern piece is so pleasingly vast, and gives an exaggerated flounce.  I truly love this sleeve. 


My Maxi length version moves in the wind, and has glam 70s appeal for me.  A wrap is such a great style for minimum effort.  I don't make any adjustments to this pattern.  The wrap is modest, and the two front tucks at the waist give a bit of shape.  If you added some back darts you might not even need a tie around the waist.  


See the shop for the pattern (although I am running low atm), and the ‘Mesmerising’ print. If this print isn’t up your street, explore the fantastic range of other designs, or go for a plain colour (eg. the Cruise Collection). I love the Octarine in the linen silk blend, but I love it in linen too.  

I hope you get involved in the #sewwrapped challenge.  

Take Care,

Gabrielle xx

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