Homer + Howells’ Ingrid Dress in Japanese Denim Shirting


The Homer and Howells' Ingrid has been on my mind for a long time. I love the ‘stepped’ waist seam, and the interest this brings to the design. I don’t usually go for more-or-less shapeless dresses, but this had enough interest. In addition to the asymmetry at the front and back waistline, there is a unique tuck on/above the bust at the centre front seam. I wasn’t sure about this, and have seen some versions that omitted this feature. Nonetheless, a quick toile put my mind at ease. It’s a fantastic design element. The Toile (top version) gave me a chance to play with the sleeve options. As you will see below I inserted the fuller, puff sleeve for my test garment, but luckily I tried this on before inserting the elastic. I love them left as a fluted, ruffle-y sleeve.


I was quite unimaginative with my Ingrid dress, as it looks like the image on the pattern😆. The classic Japanese Denim Shirting* allowed the details to shine. It’s soft and a dream to wear; just what you want in high summer. While some prints would camouflage the design details, I do think a lighter, larger scale print would be a very interesting option, and checks and stripes would also offer opportunities for creative play.


The construction is lots of fun. Each bodice section is attached to its appropriate skirt piece before the centre front seam is joined together. The insides are so interesting I thought I’d include some pics for you. Like my pink overlocking thread?

I didn’t want this dress too oversized, and so I just went via the finished garment measurements and aimed for about 3-4 inches ease. I chose the standard short sleeves, which are a perfect length for me. The skirt is midi length, but I wish I’d made mine longer. Having said that, I think if I went on the maxi route, I really could have gone for the bigger size (and more ease). I could be just me, but the weight of the extra fabric seems to keep the skirt pulled down, and it looks less billowy than an oversized midi version might. This could all be in my head though. I know that this will be a go-to for really hot days. It’s unfussy and quite utilitarian really, but there is enough proper design to elevate it.
Homer and Howells are out of all printed patterns at the moment. I only have one Ingrid pattern left (at the time of writing). There has been a run on it this week. Until I get more stock you can get the pdf pattern from the Homer and Howells’ website.

* I used the Classic Blue Japanese Denim Shirting, but this has sold out. The ‘Classic Plus’ colourway is very close.


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  • Tracy On

    I absolutely love this dress, I know how you love a maxi, but I do love this length on you, cooler version for summer 🌺 Thank you for continuing to inspire me to embrace a new pattern Gabrielle.
    I’ll be giving this Homer and Howells’ a run this summer. I might even create a quirky version.
    Have a wonderful weekend.
    Trace_and_sew 💞

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