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Cloth Edit is a curated collection of beautiful fabrics, inspiring indie sewing patterns, and quality haberdashery essentials.  We specialise in sustainable natural fibres, and seek out unique cloth from our wonderful suppliers, and endeavour to source quality designer ends.  We stock a variety of fresh and inspiring independent sewing pattern brands, for the beginner to advanced home sewist.  Discover the designs by Named Patterns (Finland), Closet Core Patterns (Canada), I AM Patterns (France), In the Folds (Australia), Folkwear Patterns (United States), Papercut Patterns (New Zealand), and Pauline Alice, arriving soon (Spain).  Most Indie brands are moving towards more size inclusivity, and this is great to see.  We are a little obsessed with sourcing quality haberdashery and are the proud stockists of Bohin pins and needles, Taylor Seville Magic Pins, Rasant thread, Shape to Create interfacing, and YKK zips.     

Cloth Edit’s mission is for our customers to feel confident and informed making their online purchases. Providing the home sewist with a range of clear images and detailed descriptions will go a long way to alleviate questions that can accompany online shopping.  We also hope to inspire your creativity by highlighting new patterns and making fabric suggestions. 

The most exciting aspect of launching an online fabric store is being more involved in the amazing sewing community.  We are makers at Cloth Edit, and remain just as excited as you are about creating.  We will share our sewing experiences on the website and on social media, and would love it if you would join us. 

What is inspiring you? What are you planning? What have you made?


The Woman Behind the Seams

Despite the Royal ‘we’, Cloth Edit is a one woman show (for now).  As I say farewell to my previous career, I am circling back to where I started my working life thirty years ago, which was in a department store selling haberdashery and fabric.  Really.

I have been an intermittent sewist for most of my life.  Whilst I took home economics at school, this seemed to deaden creativity rather than nurture a love of sewing.  I really learnt to sew in my twenties, by attempting to make dresses for balls, parties and weddings using Vogue Designer patterns.  There were no You Tube tutorials, or Google ;-), but as ‘making my own’ was often due to financial constraints, coupled with a bright idea and an unwillingness to compromise, I worked through the pages of instructions and always wore what I sewed.  I still have a special place in my heart for Vogue Patterns and have an impressive collection.  Are there any fans of vintage Vogue Patterns out there? 

About four years ago I stumbled across sewing vloggers, indie patterns and the Instagram sewing community, and these all reignited my sew-jo which dwindled after having kids, and subsequent study.   My everyday wardrobe is now all ‘me made’.   This community also reassured me that I wasn’t alone in my love for fabric and patterns, and that finding my happy space in sewing was ok.

For the last several years I've been working as a sessional academic, but have been dreaming of bringing the threads of my past – sewing, retail, research – together into this new online conception.  I love providing excellent service and my wish is that you have a great experience here at Cloth Edit.  My motto for Cloth Edit is “Take your time and enjoy the process”.  Thank you for stopping by.  It means the world to me.

Gabrielle x

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