Adjusting the Neckline on Vogue V9253 (- aka V1735)

The Classic Vogue V9253 (V1745), and THAT neckline ;-)

The V9253 dress was released in 2017, and was an instant success for Vogue Patterns designer, Carlos Correa.  The pattern rather shockingly went Out of Print, but to the relief of many it was repackaged as V1735.  The simple envelope illustration was replaced by some stunning images. 

Vogue V9253 or the V1735

I have made many versions of this pattern over the years, and I went back to this pattern recently to make two more to wear over the Christmas holidays.  The navy and charcoal striped version is Cloth Edit 93% Linen 6% Cotton 1% Poly - Japanese Shima Linen Blend in ‘Resort’.  There are two other colourways in this sublime linen blend: ‘Sand’ and ‘Ocean’.  My second version was in Cloth Edit Cotton White Self Stripe with a Floral Embroidery design.  My family had a ‘white’ Christmas by donning white; the closest I’ve ever been to a white Christmas ;-) - See the bottom of the post for this version.


 Re-drafting the V9253 – V1735 Neckline

Makers fell in love with the key design features of this pattern – the ‘grown-on’ sleeves, the pleated bodice, the perfectly proportioned A-line skirt, the darts through the back pieces, and the generous in-seam pockets.  What stumped many was the very deep V-neck.  If you scroll through the Instagram hashtag you will see that many sewists rock the original design, but from the pattern’s launch determined sewists were making this gorgeous pattern with their own preferences, and this included converting the neckline to either a wrap (by omitting the pleats), or raising the ‘V’.   I have executed both alterations, but the latter is more successful for me.  It’s also a simple step, and I have outlined below.  The fabric for my tutorial is a gorgeous Cloth Edit cotton spandex print, now out of stock.    If you want to try it out in a similar fabric, try the other cotton spandex fabrics in stock at the moment. 

Cloth Edit V9253 V1745
Cloth Edit V9253 V1745

In Image #1 you will glimpse another change I make to the pattern, to help accommodate my bust.  I add about another 1.5cm to the bodice length (back and front), as well as another 1.5cm to the width (front and back).  I have made various tweaks over the years, and this works perfectly for me.  I don’t enjoy clothes fitted around my waist, and would prefer to add a tie if I want the waist to be tighter.

Keeping in mind that I add an extra 1.5cm to the length of the bodice, I sew up the centre front 10.5cm from the waist line (Image #2 and 3).  Once this is done I then top stitch the front seam down (remaining images).  After that, I just follow the pattern, adding the pleats etc.  I should note that I am a fan of side slits in my skirts, as I love a maxi and midi length, but find that side splits allow optimal ventilation on summer days. 


Cloth Edit V9253 V1735


Many have this pattern in their stash, so I hope this gives you some ideas to make the most of it, if the neckline was a stumbling block.  I wear dresses most of the time, and this is an easy make, with chic dividends.  The striped ‘Resort’ linen is amazing to wear, and I have been reaching for this dress ever since I’ve made it.  I also love my white version, but it not quite so practical for daily wear.  Having said that it is so cool!  It's on the sheer side, but I find it is fine without a lining or slip. ;-).


Cloth Edit V9253 V1735 in Striped linen


Happy Sewing,

Gabrielle xxx


  • Tracy Rowen On

    I absolutely love this style on you Gabrielle. Emily love’s it as well and I think it would be a perfect style for her larger bust 😘 I have to look for this pattern. Thanks for sharing your tips and tricks.

  • Kristen On

    I just love this on you and I am in agreeance about the deep V neck, I sewed mine a lot higher up too! Looking forward to the next Blog!

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