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100% Linen - 'Our Riviera' | Green & Pink


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100% Linen - 'Our Riviera' | Green & Pink


  • 141cm Wide
  • Approx 190gsm
  • Directional (but I’d be happy to place this in either direction – on grain)
  • the last images show the full width of the fabric
  • See the 'Pink & Orange' for images of the fabric draped on grain, on the dress form, to get a sense of the scale of the design elements.  The scale is the same for both colourways
  • Images are me in my Friday Pattern Co. Avenir hack.  See my Instagram post for some deets.  I will eventually do a YT episode too. 

The confident and sophisticated ‘Our Riviera’ 100% Linen is the centerpiece of Cloth Edit’s Spring Summer Collection.  The print pays homage to those famous coastal regions of France and Italy and the many resort inspired collections I adore.  Nevertheless, this print also encapsulates the Australian summer and how we live and dress; not just for holidays, but what we love to wear all summer in our warm climate. 

It’s a limited-edition design, and Cloth Edit has managed to secure the lion’s share.  This is the ultimate design for celebrating SS23-4, and for inspiring chic summer dresses and kaftans, cool overshirts, loose blouses, shorts, trousers, skirts and a modern co-ord look.  The cloth is light-medium weight (approx. 190gsm) with a fine weave and a cool, soft hand.    

If you like prints that are a little different from the usual offerings, and love bold, sophisticated designs, then this will quickly find its way into your shopping cart ;-).  The design is completely unique, and features a sun burst, decorative scrolls, small flowers and leaves, a modern take on paisley, and a glorious ‘window’ into a garden paradise.    The artwork is thoughtful, balanced, and could best be described as a watercolour effect.  You will notice in the full-width images that there is a pattern repeat, but the brilliance of this design is that the key elements (the sunburst, and the garden window) are staggered across the design.  The many images give you a good indication of the scale and drape of the fabrics.  

For your reference, the ‘Window’ is 22cm x 33cm, which it perfect for featuring in bodices and sleeves.


It comes in two colourways:  Green & Pink, and Pink & Orange.

‘Green & Pink’ features a bold fern green as well as a grounding olive green and a pale lime.  The pinks range from the palest of hues to watermelon.  There are a range of beautiful blues, orange and red, and purples.  There is a clever inclusion of some tan and black, and it sits on a white background.   There is a lot going on in this print, but it feels fresh and oh-so-chic. 

‘Pink & Orange’ features variegations of a cool raspberry (from the paler tints to deeper shades).  There are a range of oranges (from cool coral to warm), and a lovely cooler yellow.  The moments of green (from lime to grass green) are a wonderful inclusion, as is the use of small amounts of pastel colours.  Like the alternate colourway, this also has small amounts of black.  This is a stellar print, on a fresh, white background.


Buttons suggests:

You have so many options due to the array of colours.  Consider the many green, pink, red, orange, blue, wooden or natural shell buttons in the Cloth Edit range.   


We stock so many beautiful sewing patterns that would be a perfect match with this fabric. Here are some Indie Pattern suggestions:

  • Atelier Brunette - La Jupe, Le Pyjama, La Chemisette, La Chemise
  • Seasons of East - Summer in New York, Autumn in London
  • Sewing and the City - Mercer, Essex
  • Merchant and Mills - Edie, Ellis and Hattie, Ellsworth, Factory, Florence, Shepherd, Winnie
  • Now and Then - Beach Pyjamas, Tilbury, All Seasons, Hepburn, Revere, Amelie
  • Atelier Jupe - Lynn, Zoey, Liv, Sienna, Frida, Tilda, Olivia, Emily, Chloe, Pippa, Lottie/Kate, Solange, Savannah, Lea.
  • The Avid Seamstress - The Blouse, The Everyday Shirt, The Raglan Dress, The Day Dress, The Pyjama Bottoms, Sun Dress, Jumpset Dress.
  • Atelier Scammit - Petites Choses, Artesane, Astree, Vertige, Zephir 
  • By Hand London – Hannah, Liz, Sandeep, Tamzin
  • Closet Core Patterns – Cielo, Elodie, Charlie, Carolyn, Pauline, Kalle, Nicks
  • Folkwear Patterns – Mexico Dress (and Top), Hapi and Haori, Japanese Kimono, Walking Skirt, Poet's Shirt
  • Friday Pattern Co. – Sagebrush Top, Square Neck, Top Wilder Gown, Davenport, Saturday Skirt Set, Saguaro, Donny, Avenir
  • I AM Patterns – Barbara, Cassiopee, Gaia, Jain, Joy, Juliette, Lucienne, Sherazade, Cinderella, Irma, Octarine, Aura, Helios, Heset, Marty
  • Maison Fauve - Tilda, Penelope, Zenith, Atlas, Lauren, Mia, Niki, Byzance, Violette, Marissa, Soho, Skyline, Chelsea, Haut Vol, Transat.
  • Named Patterns – Helmi, Reeta Shirt Dress, Ninni, Valo, Hali, Syli, Taiko, Lilja, Sylvi, Taiko, Sisko
  • Papercut Patterns – Array, Nexus, Sequence, Tide, Ashling, Estella, Tula, Celestia, Meridian
  • Pauline Alice Patterns – Calvari, Ibi.
  • Pattern Fantastique – Calyx, Celestial
  • The Assembly Line – Cuff Top, Cuff Dress, Oversized Shirt, The Shirt Dress
  • Liberty Patterns - Beatrix, Natasha, Rosanna, Megan 
  • Sew House Seven - Romey, Remy, Sauvie, Wildwood
  • Tilly and the Buttons - Mabel, Marnie, Lottie, Lyra, Stevie
  • Stitched for Good - Chorizema, Waratah, Honeysuckle


Cloth Care
We recommend a gentle machine wash or hand washing linen. It is important not to wring the fabric or garment, so if you are handwashing, roll up in a towel to press out excess water. To ensure the long life of a garment, don’t tumble dry as this breaks down the fibres. If you do tumble dry the cloth, then do so on a cooler setting. It is preferable to wash inside out. Wash colours separately. Shake out the wet garment and dry flat (or on a hanger) in the shade. Use a warm/hot iron and spot test. You may need a water spray bottle to get rid of the wrinkles when you are ironing, or just embrace the beautiful crumpled look of the cloth ;-). Linen softens upon wearing and laundering.


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100% Linen - 'Our Riviera' | Green & Pink

100% Linen - 'Our Riviera' | Green & Pink

Eg. For 2.5m Enter the Quantity '5' below