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Cousette 'Cléo ~ Spring' 100% Viscose


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Singuliere by Cousette Viscose

Spring 2024 capsule collection - 'An afternoon on the terrace'

  • 140cm wide
  • 130 gsm approx.
  • Made in France
  • 100% Ecovero viscose
  • Non-Directional abstract floral print
  • Use a microtex machine needle

    'Cléo ~ Spring' is the Spring 2024 iteration of the original and very popular 'Cleo' (Black).  This abstract floral is part of the capsule collection of Cousette's 'An afternoon on the terrace' seasonal release.  The collection was designed "as an invitation to welcome spring" by putting "flowers and colors on your outfits and go out to drink a grenadine on the terrace...".  Cléo is a multi-coloured print with a vivid, spring green background and a gorgeous bed of flowers in dusty and Barbie pinks, red, fuchsia, purple, very dark forest green, yellow, apricot and orange.  This will be a show-stopping dress or blouse any time of year.  It's a very good weight at 130gsm and more substantial than many viscoses.  If you struggle with floaty viscoses, you will love sewing this cloth.  

    Note:  The dress that's depicted in the images is the Cousette Huguette Dress/Blouse.  Currently it's only available in French, but I will order the English version when it becomes available.  


    We stock so many beautiful sewing patterns that would be a perfect match with this fabric. Here are some Indie Pattern suggestions:

    • Singuliere by Cousette - Blondinette, Bobinette, Buchette, Bridgette, Espelette, Jupette, Soerette
    • Monsterfabriken - Bonnie, Cina, Elizabeth, Elsa, Ester, Flora, Marika, Vanja
    • Size Me - Serene Dress, Serene Jumpsuit, Serene Shirt, Vienne Dress.
    • Ann Ringstrand - Holy Shirtdress, Gather Dress (and check out the SEW book). 
    • Atelier Brunette - La Jupe, Le Pyjama, La Chemisette, La Robe Chemise, La Robe Butterfly, La Blouse
    • Seasons of East - Summer in New York, Autumn in London
    • Sewing and the City - Mercer, Essex
    • Merchant and Mills - Edie, Ellis and Hattie, Ellsworth, Factory, Florence, Shepherd, Winnie
    • Now and Then - Beach Pyjamas, Tilbury, All Seasons, Hepburn, Revere, Amelie
    • Atelier Jupe - Lynn, Zoey, Liv, Sienna, Frida, Tilda, Olivia, Emily, Chloe, Pippa, Lottie/Kate, Solange, Savannah, Lea, Alana, Este.
    • The Avid Seamstress - The Blouse, The Everyday Shirt, The Raglan Dress, The Day Dress, The Pyjama Bottoms, Sun Dress, Jumpset Dress.
    • Atelier Scammit - Petites Choses, Artesane, Astree, Vertige, Zephir 
    • By Hand London – Hannah, Liz, Sandeep, Tamzin
    • Closet Core Patterns – Cielo, Elodie, Charlie, Carolyn, Pauline, Kalle, Nicks
    • Folkwear Patterns – Mexico Dress (and Top), Hapi and Haori, Japanese Kimono, Walking Skirt, Poet's Shirt
    • Friday Pattern Co. – Sagebrush Top, Square Neck, Top Wilder Gown, Davenport, Saturday Skirt Set, Saguaro, Donny, Avenir
    • I AM Patterns – Barbara, Cassiopee, Gaia, Jain, Joy, Juliette, Lucienne, Sherazade, Cinderella, Irma, Octarine, Aura, Helios, Heset, Marty
    • Maison Fauve - Tilda, Penelope, Zenith, Atlas, Lauren, Mia, Niki, Byzance, Violette, Marissa, Soho, Skyline, Chelsea, Haut Vol, Transat.
    • Named Patterns – Helmi, Reeta Shirt Dress, Ninni, Valo, Hali, Syli, Taiko, Lilja, Sylvi, Taiko, Sisko
    • Papercut Patterns – Array, Nexus, Sequence, Tide, Ashling, Estella, Tula, Celestia, Meridian
    • Pauline Alice Patterns – Calvari, Ibi.
    • Pattern Fantastique – Calyx, Celestial
    • The Assembly Line – Cuff Top, Cuff Dress, Oversized Shirt, The Shirt Dress
    • Liberty Patterns - Beatrix, Natasha, Rosanna, Megan 
    • Sew House Seven - Romey, Remy, Sauvie, Wildwood
    • Tilly and the Buttons - Mabel, Marnie, Lottie, Lyra, Stevie
    • Stitched for Good - Chorizema, Waratah, Honeysuckle


      Cloth Care:

      In order to preserve your pretty Cousette fabric as well as possible, Cousette recommend that you wash them before sewing them, this step will stabilize your fabric.

      • Wash your fabric in a wash net to preserve the colors.
      • Choose a mild detergent without bleach.
      • Wash your fabric with a delicate or silk program at a maximum temperature of 30°
      • Gentle spin (max 1000 rpm)
      • Dry your laundry in the open air, taking care to smooth it out when it comes out of the machine, dryer is not allowed, of course!
      • Iron at medium temperature (150°).

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      Cousette 'Cléo ~ Spring' 100% Viscose

      Cousette 'Cléo ~ Spring' 100% Viscose

      Eg. For 2.5m Enter the Quantity '5' below